About Us

The Black Cultural Initiative is a collection of programs that are designed to serve Lane County’s Black population. The Initiative consists of targeted services that promote:

Small Business Incubation

Financial Literacy & Education

Workforce Development

Promotion of Cultural Tourism

Food Security

Youth Family Services

Referral and Pipeline Services

Mental and Physical Health service/referral

Self-Sufficiency Programs

Workforce Readiness, Financial Literacy, and Food Security

Our Community Center offers a wide range of self-sufficiency programs where we take unique respectful approaches to empowering our community to live more stable lives. We target employment, financial literacy, and mental and physical health (including food security). To remove barriers, most services are offered with an online option and childcare is provided onsite.

Financial Literacy Workshops (budgeting, saving, debt management, homeownership, etc.)

Workforce and Vocation Training and internship pipelines

Nutrition counseling and meal planning

Urban Gardening

Family cooking courses

Inspirational Stories

  • During the recent ice storm our center, The People’s Collective was welcoming place of respite and shelter for community members. We also delivered hot meals to elders in Springfield with power outages and no potable water and winter coats to unhoused persons who were sheltering in place.

  • Our Food For the Soul program approaches food security, not with hand outs – which can be well intentioned but unreliable and inconsistent – but by teaching life skills such as cooking from scratch, meal planning and budgeting and building skills such as urban gardening. This enables families to have authority over their baseline quality of life.

Small Business Incubation

Our community center, the People’s Collective, houses a Business Incubator on the first floor designed to support small Black Business Growth and development. Our community partners include: Lane Community College’s Small Business Development Center, Dev NW and Community Lending Works, and the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs, as well as several local credit unions. Our Executive Director, Talicia Brown Crowell, sits one the Lane SBDC Advisory Council and the Mayor’s Panel on Business Economic Development.

Since the launch of our business incubator, we have been able to provide:

Subsidized brick and mortar space

Free business coaching and mentoring

Start up and expansion loans and grants

The Arts and Cultural Tourism

Stimulating commerce and Cultural Tourism in Lane County

Or annual Black Cultural Festival creates a platform for Black artisans and businesses, opportunity for cultural tourism, and community engagement. Our sponsors and partners are extensive and include local business staples like Market of Choice, arts organizations such as Eugene Symphony and JSMA, and nature preservation orgs such as Willamette Riverkeeper. We also collaborate with cultural orgs like the NAACP and BASE.

Inspirational Stories

Recently, one of our vendors from the Black Cultural Festival was interviewed for Springfield History Museum’s Illumination project. She spoke about how her life was changed by her participation in our festival. She started her business, Black Wolf Homestead –in part just to participate in our event and gain stability for her family. While at the festival she met the woman who owned the homestead she now lives on

Community Outreach

Creating Spaces of Belonging and Cultural Gathering

Creating spaces of belonging and purpose are essential to fulfilling our mission. With free community programs such as Blackout at JSMA, Black Santa, Kwanza, and other opportunities for gathering, we increase program participation and community investment.

Black Cultural Initiative

1695 Jefferson St

Eugene, OR 97402

(541) 654-0318

Talicia Brown-Crowell

Founder & Executive Director